VoIP & PBX Services

Property Management

Property Management is one of our largest client sectors, and we handle a lot of Townhomes, Condo, and Apartment Complexes. Our VoIP Services include full phone service with a dedicated PBX. A PBX is a term that describes equipment that manages the phone connection, allows for voicemail, menus, queueing, conferencing, and a whole host of additional services.

For most properties we use a standard configuration of providing 3 to 5 phones labeled Mgr, Asst Mgr, Leasing 1, Leasing 2 and Copy-File. Typically these are desk phones with a cordless or two mixed in depending on the office layout.

The phone system is programmed to give a crisp "Thank you for calling 'property', we're now connecting you to the first available team member, thank you" - type greeting and then proceeds to ring all the phones for about 5 rings, eventually rolling-over to an answering service. If you do not have an answering service, we can roll these calls to voicemail, which will get sent to you via e-mail in attachment form. This layout allows you a chance to get your calls during the day, and if unanswered in prompt form, let the answering service handle them. In the off-hours, we can program the system with your office schedule, allowing the calls to immediately roll to the answering service. This provides a professional and efficient look to your property.

Our service should save you a large amount off your traditional bill as our VoIP services only require the use of your main line (main number) - with rollover lines being no longer necessary. We provide unlimited simultaneous use - no busy signals ever. This means all of your office phones can make calls at the same time (no line limit), and likewise you can receive over 1,000 inbound calls at the same time without a busy signal as the system will simply automatically queue them and handle them in the order received.

On some properties a manager or staff member may reside on-site (or close). In these situations, we find that sometimes they would like an additional phone in their residence - so they can assist/support while not in the actual office. This feature is available as our phones are configured to work anywhere with existing Internet service ('work from home').

In the tabbed menu below, you can review our standard features that include personalized menu(s), find-me-follow-me for cell phone rollovers, voicemail to e-mail services, conferencing, do-not-disturb options, call parking, etc. We can even setup a dynamic after-hours menu for inbound calls that plays when your business is closed.

Below is a topical breakdown of some of the most common features and questions about our services.

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  • No Contract Requred
  • Clients save over 40% on average moving to us
  • Keep your existing number(s)
  • Dedicated PBX Server
  • Work From Anywhere - Take your phone home
  • Caller-ID on phone display
  • 1-800 services supported
  • Internet Redundancy options with your current provider + our wireless solution
  • Automated Open/Closed Menu based on time-of-day
  • Voicemail to E-Mail
  • Find-Me-Follow-Me Options to your Cell
  • Call Queing w/hold music to organize multi-inbound simultaneous calling
  • Global SIP Support
  • Rollover-To-Answering-Service Support
  • Multi-Office/Location Connectivity
  • Never appear 'down' even if your business is offline. Your dedicated PBX system is cloud-based.
  • It's in the Cloud!

    • Our phone servers are 'in the cloud', meaning even if your business/restaurant is down for any reason, you aren't completely offline and still maintain a professional presence. This allows us to put up special messages for you, letting callers know you'll be back soon, suffering technical difficulties, location closed for expansion/construction/renovation, etc.

    If you're a franchise with multiple locations in the same area and one goes down, we can both provide a message AND re-route calls to another location or give a you-pick-location menu to customers to help alleviate lost business and show a level of care.

    Unlimited Inbound & Outbound Simultaneous Calling

    • Our services come with unlimited simultaenous inbound and outbound calls. Whether you're having a slow day, or half the city is calling you on SuperBowl Sunday, your customers will _never_ get a busy signal. Our system utilizes 'queues' to handle multiple inbound calls to the same number by stacking (see more about Queues below).

    With World Net's VoIP system, there is no longer a need for 'rollover' lines nor the need for multiple numbers at a single location. In the past with classic analog setups, you could only receive and make as many simultaneous calls as you had telephone lines (regardless the amount of physicaly phones) - but this is no longer the case with digital technology. Each location needs a single number (your main phone number), and if you have many old ones you want to keep - we can simply roll them into the main number for as little as $2/month.

    Queues & Auto-Hold

    • Call queuing allows calls to be placed on hold without manual staff assistance - nor more answer-and-please-hold! While in a call queue, the caller is played pre-recorded music or messages. Queues are most efficient in busy establishments where there is more callers than available staff to handle a large number of calls promptly.

    As calls arrive in the queue, all non-busy available phones start ringing attempting to connect the first person in the queue with the first available staff... and then the next caller is moved forward (in the Queue) and again, all non-busy available phones start ringing... and this process continues until the queue is eventually empty as all calls were answered & handled in the order received.

    Remember, with customized music & messages, you have your chance to 'upsell' with custom messages about food and options they may not know about - or your fabulous brownie dessert.

    Please click the tab 'Menus & Queues' above for more details on this very important feature.

    Caller-ID Services

    • Caller-ID (inbound) is enabled on our services by default and shows the caller's information on the telephone. Likewise, all outbound calls are branded with your name.

    • If your POS system accepts Caller-ID from a Vertex or Whoozechooling unit without requring a serial cable, then we should be able to deliver Caller-ID directly to your connected station without additional equipment. This option is available for HungerRush/Revention, Arrow, Foodtec, Speedline, Positouch and many more.

    Time-of-Day / Automated Open/Closing & Routing

    • It's always frustrating to customers when they call and nobody answers while they wait. With our system, we automatically open and close your business with menu changes based on the time of day (your business hours).

    This type of message can let them know when you're closed with a gentle reminder they can order online and schedule later for delivery (or other options).

    Call Park

    • Call Park is a nifty feature that allows you to place a call on global (all extention) hold, allowing anyone at any phone/station to pick it up ('throwing the call'). This is a huge advantage for any manager that is floting around the business handling issues, or when a call needs a bit of urgency or privacy. This is also handy for a staff member that answers a call, but the caller is asking for another employee (like to continue/amend an order) - allowing them to 'grab the call' easy without moving.

    "Hey Tom, I just parked a call from a guy asking about customer asking about custom ordering for a large party, can you take that?" ... or ... "Barbara, got a call from a woman upset about an order mistake, I parked it. " (Barbara then leaves the main floor and handles the call in her office in the back...)

    Call Statistics & Information

    • Our system supports a web-based portal that allows you to see call data going back a calendar year, allowing you to generate all types of graphical reports from any custom timeline.
    Allowing you to see call distribution, you can tailor any report based on various criteria such as extension, queue and agent. Data types include calls answered, length of call, transfers, agent totals, unanswered calls, disconnection cause and hold time.

    This feature is most often utilized by our food industry and service members that want to keep an eye on lost calls and average hold time.
    This is a professional add-on module that comes with a specific one-time license and install cost of $550.00 - and only ONE license is needed per-franchise/business, not per-location.

    Professional Voice Services (Optional)

    • World Net works with VoiceOversByCat.com's Cat Lookabaugh, who's a talented voice artist with an extensive resume that includes audiobooks and presentations and has worked with us since the 90's.
    At an reasonable cost, Cat has done extensive work for a large array of our clients that want customized audio menus and hold music w/messages & information (audio loop).


    • All modern systems include Voicemail and ours is no different. In the restaurant industry, we find Voicemail can be handy for off-hours phone menus when people would like to leave a message for things like catering services or placing large corporate orders ahead of time. We typically deliver voicmails via E-Mail for ease-of-use, allowing you to retrieve messages both by mobile or desktop. This feature is very handy for low-phone-volume smaller restaurants and businesses.


    • While far more popular with individuals or standard business offices than restaurants, Find-me-follow-me (FMFM) allows you to program an extension to ring an additional number(s) after a call is not answered within a specified time.

    • This feature is often used by those that want their desk phone to ring for a certain number of seconds and then forward the call to their mobile phone if not answered.

    • Handy : If your resturant suffers a complete internet outage, we can route calls to a manager's cell phone using FMFM so that business can continue to flow while this is being rectified.

    Please scroll UP to access more 'Features & Information' tabs

    Menus & Queues

    In most cases, it's important in the service industry to have clean, quick crisp menus with a logical layout that most suits your business/franchise.

    Our system is extremely flexible with a large amount of options allowing us to tailor the system to how you best envision it. We often recommend our system provides a brief introduction ('Thanks for calling _______, we're now connecting you with the first available team member, thank you.'). At this point, the caller is then placed into a QUEUE, which stacks the callers based on received order, while providing them hold music while they wait in the order in which they arrived.

    An avantage of the queue, is the call is already acknowledged and handled Having the system auto-queue inbound calls saves your staff a lot of time and labor and is a much smoother process. Once the caller hears the initial greeting and is placed in the queue, our system then rings all available phones with the first caller in the queue until answered, and this process repeats to all available phones until the queue is empty/answered. Never a busy signal, and the queue can even let them know their 'position' every 'x' minutes/seconds if you choose.

    Many of our franchise clients choose to have custom hold music that talks about the restaurant's menu, things to try, or specials using happy up-beat themed music. We have professional voice artists available that can customize all types of greetings and hold music types tailored specifically for you.


    There's nothing more frustrating than calling a business and having endless ringing wondering if you're in a holding pattern, the business is closed or if they're even still in business. We don't feel this is customer-friendly.

    Our system supports the ability to set time conditions allowing you to give a customized message based on your regular business hours, letting the customer know you're closed - along with an optional message about your regular hours or other information. This also allows you to put up observed holiday messages, closed for rennovations, construction/streetwork, closed for inclement weather, etc.

    Answering Services - If you employ an answering service that you would like the system to "rollover to after 'x' amount of rings", we support that too. This is a popular feature for our property managment clients and some of our larger law firms.

    Internet Redundancy
    (Optional Service Capability)

    Some of our clients, particulary in the food-service industry, have POS (Point of Sale) systems that rely on the Internet and if their Internet service should go down - they essentially can't do business, can't process credit cards and can't utilize their phones. As technology moves forward, this is becoming more and more commonplace. Being that VoIP is also Internet-based, we're all becoming more and more reliant on Internet connectivity for our technology to function.

    Here at World Net, we deploy a dual-Internet solution utilizing top-industry Ubiquiti (Unifi) equipment utilizing your existing Internet connection and adding a wireless (Verizon/AT&T/T-Mobile) solution as your secondary rollover Internet Service provider.

    By deploying this upgraded business class router with dual-WAN capability and auto-switching, your business will utilize your current Internet service as it does today, but auto-switch the secondary Wireless-based Internet services with failure is detected, keeping you online and your business (and phones, and POS) running. The average cost of a secondary Wireless connection is $100/month and a one-time cost of the upgraded router equipment.


    If your business has a static IP address from your Internet Provider, World Net offers a service that allows us to alert you via text (SMS) when your business is down (and then recovers). This service is particularly helpful and popular for area managers and staff that must support multiple businesses within a particular franchise, etc. By utilizing this type of alert notification, it allows for the quick-response of putting up a special message on your phones that let customer know you're experiencing a technical difficulty and that you will be back shortly... which is far more customer-friendly than the common 'the phones just ring but nobody can hear them' we most often find.... or the hideous 'service unavailable' message that cable/wireless proviers give.