Founded in 1996, World Net VoIP/PBX is of the highest quality, reliability and best service you'll find on the market. Saving our clients an average of over 40% on their traditional phone bills, our flexible system is ideal for everyone from indivuals at home, to traditional single or multi-location businesses and even large restaurant chains.

We're not just a phone provider, our services include a full service PBX cloud-based solution giving you a system with dozens of features with world-wide flexibility. World Net does NOT require contracts - we work to earn your business every single day, and we boast one of the lowest rates of turnover in the industry.

We support both small and mid-sized businesses and some residential in the San Antonio (TX) area. We perform both break-fix and managed IT services.

Have your own domain name or want to get started with one? Learn more about our Hosting services for both websites and mail..

Have your own server or equipment that needs a dedicated network & circuit in our facilities? Come see why many choose World Net.