E-Mail Hosting

Business Pro Mail - About our Mail Hosting

If you own your own domain (or want to purchase one), you can get your mail hosted here at World Net - while retaining the flexibility of having your website hosted here or elsewhere. In recent years, it has become more commonplace for certain businesses and industry websites needing to have their website hosted at a particular vendor (such as a realtor needing in-house database ties) - but not getting any type of quality mail service on that host.

All of our hosting packages include our 'Business Pro' mail service.

Getting Started - Operations

When you sign up for our services, the first thing you will receive is access to our Business Pro mail system via an online web panel called "SiteAdmin". This SiteAdmin panel allows you create, delete, and modify email accounts and aliases (forwarders) for your domain name. The panel provides you the ability to change passwords, set allocated space quotas and even enable/disable accounts and aliases as needed.

Syncronization : Our System supports both IMAP (true syncronization) and POP3. The IMAP method allows you to sync your mail between your PC (or multiple PC's), laptop, phones and tablets. IMAP stores your mail in the cloud on our servers, giving you the ability to see all of your mail folders on any pc/device. An advantage of the IMAP method is the added functionality of deleting a message (or moving a message to a folder) on one device/PC, and having it automatically update on all other devices/PC's.

Easy-Access Instructions : We provide online "how-to" setups for PC, MAC, Phones and Tablets for most major programs such as Outlook, Thunderbird and MAC Mail, and devices like IPhones, IPAD's, Droids and Tablets. Access is easy to find by vising our WebMail page assigned to your hosted domain.

Spam Filtering - Control, Learning and Protecting : The Business Pro mail system encompasses a specialized mail filtering system that allows you to not only adjust your desired spam filtering level - but the ability to train or report spam to our system. Furthermore, if there is a certain type of mail that keeps going into the spam folder that you would like to protect, you can utilize our "Whitelisting" abilty - guaranteeing that a particular sender (or whole domain), always arrives at your INBOX under trusted status. Likewise, if you're being harassed or annoyed, you can use our Blacklist feature on addresses and domains.