Do I have spam filtering? Where are the settings?

All accounts hosted here at World Net include Spam filtering, which is 'enabled' by default.

If you are using WebMail (mail via the browser), you will find a folder called 'Caught-Spam', which contains all of your spam, which is automatically trimmed to a 7-day retention.

If you are viewing your mail on a Tablet or Phone (both which typically use IMAP), or a PC setup with IMAP (instead of POP3), you will automatically see your "Caught-Spam" folder.

If you would like to adjust your general spam settings, or even 'turn it off', you can do so in our Spam Control center, located here:

  1. Spam Control Center

If you would like to change the folder for which spam is placed, you can do so inside webmail:

  1. WebMail
  2. Go to 'Settings' --> 'Filters' --> 'Spam Directory' and change the mailbox from 'Junk' (Caught-Spam) to another folder of choice.

Side Note: In some places in our system, the "Junk" folder and the "Caught-Spam" folder have the same name and are used inversely. This is generally only seen on a few mobile devices or in the Filter section of WebMail. Please do not be alarmed, "Junk"="Caught-Spam".