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Yealink T59R Cordless Phone

Yealink T59R series phones are high quality cordless phone, but unlike the standard W76 models, these are Ruggedized. These units are built to be shock, dust and water resistant for a more harsh working environment. Their tough rubberized surface protects the handset from slipping, scratching and disinfectant.

These DECT phones come with a 'base' station that plugs into your network via Ethernet for which the handsets then communicate through. One base station can support up to 10 cordless phones.

We find these phones can be handy for certain restaurant situations and for small businesses or property management where the person on duty may move around the office quite a bit.

These phones are similar, but slightly smaller than the W7x series cordless phones, but have a slightly smaller screen, can handle less simultaenous calls - but are Ruggedized in the tradeoff.

Datasheet PDF : Yealink-T59R-Datasheet.pdf
URL : https://www.yealink.com/product/voice-communication-w59r

SIP Accounts : 10
Battery Life : 28 Hours Talk Time, 360-Hours Standby
Screen: 1.8" Color
Base Station Support: Optional, Up to 10 Handsets
Headset Jack: No
Quality: HD Audio, Noise Reduction, TLS security encryption
Handset Cradle / Wall Mount: Yes (+charging), No.
Color: Black
Bluetooth Support: Yes

Average Price: $255/ea (Including Configuration & Setup)
Average Price: $370/ea With DECT Base (Including Configuration & Setup)

Need help setting one up? Our online guide is HERE.