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Yealink Click-2-Call Automated Calling

[ Click-2-Call ]   This guide will give you the steps to configuring an addon in Google Chrome's browswer that will allow you to automatically dial numbers on a Yealink phone by clicking them in your Chrome Web Browser.

Note : This is a guide for Yealink phones, and the tech level required in these steps would commonly be considered one or two levels above basic. You will need a basic understanding of what a STATIC IP address is, basic knowledge about your local network, and what IP addresses are available to use so you can set both your phone and PC to static addresses if they aren't already on ones.

Click-To-Call Instructions

     (If this is beyond your scope of capability, we recommend you show this to IT support/service)

  1. STATIC IP   You must be familar with your local network, and know what addresses are available on your network that can be assigned as STATIC (not DHCP).
  2. Yealink Desktop Phone    (Models T4x or T5x)
  3. Login/Password for Yealink Desktop Phone    (To administer/access it)
  4. Chrome Web Browser on PC   (We have not tested on Apple/Macs)
  5. Both Phone and PC on the 'same network'    (Mix-Match of Wifi/Wired is ok, as long as both are on same network (192.168.1.x etc etc)

PC Network Configuration

  1. Make sure your PC is using a STATIC IP address, and not a DHCP.
  2. Failure to set STATIC addresses mean when your PC or Phone reboots, their address could/will change and it will break the connection/configuration. The PC sends to the phone's IP, and the phone will only accept from an approved IP - hence the requirement.
  3. If you need assistance setting a static, feel free to utilize one of these links :

Yealink Phone Configuration

  1. Using your web browser, navigate to your Phone's IP address
      This will be like '' (but using your address)
      If you don't know the phone's current IP, click the OK button on the front while not on a call.
      If you get the standard SSL warning page, just tell it to proceed. Your phone doesn't have a valid SSL certificate - which is normal/default and harmless.
  2. Log in using your login/pass.
      If you don't know the login/pass, you can try the default of admin/admin or contact your current provider/IT Support person.
  3. The phone now needs to be configured for a STATIC IP. You can skip this step if it already has one.
      Click Network then BASIC (wired/Cat5 cable) or WI-FI (if using wi-fi)
      Change the phone from DHCP to a STATIC IP address, one that's both available and outside the range of IP's that your router assigns using DHCP (as to avoid future collisions)
      Phone will need to reboot after update, and you'll have to log back in (but now on static IP)
  4. To approve access from your PC to phone, click on FEATURES (on main menu), then REMOTE CONTROL
      Under 'Action URI Allow IP List', put in the STATIC IP Address of your COMPUTER.
      Leave all other options as-is, and click 'Confirm' at the bottom.
  5. Your phone has now been configured to allow access and this section is completed.

Download & Configure Chrome Extension

  1. Download & Install the 'Click to Call' Chrome Extension using Google's Chrome web browser.
    Download Link Here (Will open in a new tab)
  2. To add it, click the 'Add to Chrome' Button on the webpage. It will pop up a confirmation, and you will need to select 'Add Extension'.
  3. Next you will be provided with a 'C2 Initialilze' page in the browser, as the Addon was successfully added.
    This is the main configuration area for the plugin. Please click the green bar that says 'Go To Configuration Page'.
  4. A 'Settings' Page will appear, leave all of the options on that page disabled (off), and select 'Credentials & URL Config' at the top.
  5. Under 'Settings, please specify valid URL with full scheme.', using your PHONES'S IP ADDRESS, put in the following (Substitute with your actual static IP.) :

        Login:   <yealink phone login>
        Password:   <yealink pasword>
  6. Complete - You have now completed Click-To-Call Extension Configuration. You may close the tab in the browser to exit it. (To Return Chrome --> Click 3 dots far right --> Settings --> Extensions (left-hand menu) --> 'Details' button on Click-To-Call --> Extension Options)

You should now be able to simply click on phone numbers on websites in your CHROME brower and the Click-To-Call extension will automatically send the call to your phone. There will be some cases where the HTML (web code) on web pages or web applications was written poorly so the number isn't clickable or recognizable as an actual phone number - we recommend you suggest to those authors they updated/fix their code/website - it's a very simple fix.

Need a demo clickable test number? Sure, have your phone call us : (210) 226-6666

You can also type 'call 2102266666' in your chrome browser's address bar, and it will dial the number 2102266666 if working correctly.

If you click the phone number above, and your phone doesn't dial it - then you have an issue with one or more of the steps above. Check for typos in entries, and make sure the PHONE has the PC's IP address, and the PC's Click-To-Dial Extension has the PHONE's IP address inside it (easy to confuse if in a hurry).