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Yealink T54W Desk Phone

[ Yealink T5x ]   This guide is about the Yealink 5-Series phones.

Yealink T5x and T46x series phones are VERY solid and excellent quality desk phones at a reasonable price. These phones carry great internal software packages allowing better configuration and stability across all the different types of networks and routers they may be installed behind. These phones are the most popular phones that we sell as a provider.

New to 5-Series: The T54w has built-in Bluetooth for excellent headset compatibility and Wi-Fi so you can connect your phone without requiring a physical ethernet cable.

Datasheet PDF : Yealink-T54W-Datasheet.pdf
Glossy Flyer : T5_Business_Phone_Series_Flyer.pdf
URL : https://www.yealink.com/product/voice-communication-t54w

Average Price : $235 (Including Configuration & Setup)

Account Configuration

Required Information

  1. Extension Number   A 3 or 4-digit number (Ex: 105 or 1050)
  2. Extension Password
  3. Server Hostname    (Ex: myvoip.world-net.net)
  4. Server Port   4-digit number, typically 5060 or 5260

Configure Account in Phone

  1. In this tutorial, we are going to configure one main extension with 3-slots on the phone.

  2. This phone is configured via a web interface. You need the phone's IP address, which you can get by hitting the 'ok' button on the front of the phone and reading the IPv4 address.
    Go to this address in your web browser from a PC/Device connected to the same network your phone is. (Example:
  3. The default login/password combo is admin/admin. If you received the phone from us, you may need to inquire as to what we set as the password.
  4. Once logged in, navigate to ACCOUNT --> REGISTER and select ACCOUNT 1
  5. Fill out ACCOUNT 1 with the following:
    Label : <extension number>
    Display Name : <extension number>
    Register Name : <extension number>
    Username : <extension number>
    Password : <extension password>

    [SIP SERVER 1] Server Host : <server hostname> and Port : <server port>   
    [SIP SERVER 2] Server Host : <server hostname> and Port : <server port>   
    (If we provided you with a secondary server host, please use it for SERVER 2)

    In the above 'Display Name', this is what appears on the screen of your phone. We recommend the Extension number, but really this can be anything - as long as you keep it very short as to fit on the screen allocation area.

    Click CONFIRM at the bottom and the account should attempt to register and will be listed as 'Registered' if successful.
  6. On the left-hand menu where you chose 'Account', now select 'Advanced' and make sure Account at the top still says 'Account 1', the account we are currently configuring.
  7. Make the following entries/updates :
    Keep Alive Type : Default
    Keep Alive Interval : 30
    Subscription Period : 1800
    Subscribe Register : ON
    Subscribe for MWI : ON
    Voice Mail : *97
    Session Timer : OFF
    Session Expires : 120
    Shared Line : Disabled
    SIP Registration Retry Timer : 30

    Click CONFIRM at the bottom to save the changes..
  8. On the left-hand menu select 'Settings', and then 'SIP'.
  9. Make the following entries/updates :
    Local SIP Port : <choose a random number between 10000 and 12000>
    (Note: If you have multiple phones at your location, each phone needs the SIP Port to be unique.)

    Click CONFIRM at the bottom to save the changes..
  10. On the left-hand menu select 'Dsskey', and then 'Line Key'.
    Line Key 1 should already be configured with your previous choices and set to 'Line1" in the LINE column... now duplicate it to "Line Key2" and "Line Key3" below it. This will make the first 3 buttons on your phone, all the same, allowing you to send/receive 3 calls at once.

    Click CONFIRM at the bottom to save the changes..
  11. On the left-hand menu select 'Features', and then 'Power LED'.
  12. Make the following entries/updates :
    Common Power Light on : OFF
    Ringing Power Light Flash : ON
    Hold/Held Power Light Flash : ON

    Click CONFIRM at the bottom to save the changes..
  13. On the left-hand menu select 'Features', and then 'Notification Popups'.
  14. Make the following entries/updates :
    Display Voice Mail Popup : OFF
    Display Missed Call Popup : OFF
    Display Forward Call Popup : OFF
    Display Text Message Popup : ON

    Click CONFIRM at the bottom to save the changes..

You should now have a successfully completed function phone. Please visit our 'Yealink Advanced Settings & Tricks' feature for more ways to customize your phone.