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Grandstream HT802 2-Port FXS Adapter

[ Grandstream ]   This guide is about the Grandstream HT802 2-Port Analog Gateway.

This unit is an Analog-to-SIP convertor, allowing you to connect a regular analog phone to our VoIP Services. This is a dual-FXS unit, meaning it can do analog voice phones, but not fax machines/devices (FXO).

Datasheet PDF : Grandstream HT802
URL : http://www.grandstream.com/products/gateways-and-atas/analog-telephone-adaptors/product/ht802

Average Price : $75 (Including Configuration & Setup)

Account Configuration

Required Information

  1. Extension Number   A 3 or 4-digit number (Ex: 105 or 1050)
  2. Extension Password
  3. Server Hostname    (Ex: myvoip.world-net.net)
  4. Server Port   4-digit number, typically 5260

Configure Extension in Unit

  1. In this tutorial, we are going to configure one extension in the device (it supports up to 2)
  2. This device is configured via a web interface. You need to first connect it's USB power adapter and then plug an ethernet cable into the unit so it's on your network.
    Go to this address in your web browser from a PC/Device connected to the same network your phone is. (Example:
  3. The easiest way to get the HT802's IP is by running a simple scan and trying various IP's from the result in your browser that show port 80 open. We hightly recommend The Angry IP Scanner https://angryip.org/. Easy to use, Free.
  4. The default login/password combo is admin/admin. If you received the unit from us, you may need to inquire as to what we set as the password.
  5. Once logged in, navigate to FXS PORT 1 (tab at the top)
  6. There are *many* settings on this page, but you only need to fill out/change the following:
    Primary SIP Server : <server hostname:port>   (Example: myoffice.world-net.net:5260)
    Failover SIP Server : <server hostname:port>   (Same as above, but this is the secondary one)
    Prefer Primary SIP Server : YES
    NAT Traversal : Keep Alive
    SIP User ID : <extension number>
    Authenticate ID : <extension number>
    Authenticate Password : <extension password>
    Name : <extension number>

    SIP Registration : YES
    Unregister on Reboot : NO
    Registration Expiration : 30

    Enable SIP Options/NOTIFY/Keep Alive : OPTIONS
    SIP Options/NOTIFY/Keep Alive Interval : 30

    Local SIP Port : <random number between 10000 and 12999>
       NOTE: All phones and devices MUST have the LOCAL SIP PORT unique as to avoid collissions.

    Enable Session Timer : NO

    Click APPLY at the bottom. You can now navitage to the first tab 'Status' to see if FXS1 shows as registered.

  7. Important note about Analog : Due to the way analog phones work, every phone connected in chain to this one physical port on the Grandstream 802 will 'ring' when this extension is called. Likewise, only one phone on this chain can be used at a time. This is the nature of 'analog', how phones were for most of the 20th century.