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Bria Mobile (IOS & Android)

[ SoftPhone ]   The term 'SoftPhone' refers to a software phone, generally run as an App on a device such as PC, MAC, tablet, or cell phone. We support SIP-based softphones.

If you are looking for a good stable SIP-based Phone solution for your mobile phone, we recommend a product called 'Bria', the 'Bria Solo' package.

URL : https://www.counterpath.com/plan-select-solo/

The current 'cost' of Bria is $2.95/month (Billed $35.40/annually).

How it works : Because it is software on your phone/device, Bria works using your 'data' connection just like any other App, whether it's cell service or local wi-fi. If you are using Bria on a cell phone, it uses an App and doesn't interfere with your regular phone service - you have both separate on the same device.

Unlimited Data Required/Recommended : Using a softphone on a mobile device/tablet requires the use of the 'data' aspect of your device. For this reason, we recommend that this solution is used on devices with unlimited data plans or restricted to use with wi-fi connections so that you don't incur additional charges, for which you are responsible.

Online Support : https://support.counterpath.com/hc/en-us/categories/9858174524439-Bria-Solo

Account Configuration

Required Information

  1. Extension Number   A 3 or 4-digit number (Ex: 105 or 1050)
  2. Extension Password
  3. Server Hostname    (Ex: myvoip.wildpbx.com)
  4. Server Port   4-digit number, typically 5260 (or default 5060)

Getting Started - BRIA Account Configuration

  1. Management of BRIA is handled on their website, which then "injects" the configuration into your device once you log in to the App on your phone afterwards. Once you have created an account at Bria's website, log in and navigate to "Voice and Video", and hit the "Phone +" Symbol button to add a SIP Phone account.
  2. Select 'Have your own PBX or SIP Server?' / 'Configure SIP Settings'
  3. Use the following Settings, and leave default the rest:

    Service Label: <Give it some name>
    Domain: <server hostname>    (something like server.wildpbx.com)
    Port: <server port>    (typically 5260)
    SIP Username : <extension number>    (3 or 4 digit number)
    Authorization Username : <extension number>    (same as SIP Username)
    SIP/Voice Password : <extension password>

    Transport : UDP

    Again... if an option wasn't listed above, leave it as default.

    Click the [SAVE AND CLOSE] Button to finish.

Bria App

  1. Load the Bria App, and log in with your credentials (login/pass combo you registered with Bria)
  2. You should see your extension come up via a phone screen. If you see 'Not Registered', then something is incorrect with your configuration. If you see "Phone Ready", then you know you've completed it successfully and you have a working extension.
  3. IMPORTANT NOTE : Bria sometimes requires a server-side configuration on our end in order for you to utilize Bria. If you are configuring an extension using Bria on your account and we don't know - please contact us to let us know to add Bria capability to your PBX.
  4. IMPORTANT NOTE #2 : By default, our PBX servers allow one SIP registration for each extension number at a time. If you need 2 devices using the same extension number simultaneously - such as a desk phone and soft phone or two soft phones, please contact us directly to add this capability for your extension. Otherwise, being logged in once per unique extension number (softphone or physical desk phone) is fine.