How can I see how much space I'm using? (Quota)

Our systems only see mail stored in our cloud, not your actual PC. IMAP-configured accounts store mail online whereas POP3 configured accounts pull mail and store it locally on the PC (with the exception to POP3 being if you set the "leave a copy of mail on server for 'x' days option").

There are a couple ways to view your Quota/Usage:

  1. Domain Owners/Admins: Log into SiteAdmin, so you can view all of your Accounts and manage Quotas
  2. End Users: Log into Webmail. Your current quota/usage will be shown in the bottom-left corner once logged in.

Note: Owners/Administrators of domains hosted at World Net have complete control over the quota use and limitations on that domain. Each World Net hosting package comes with "x" gigabytes of available online storage, which is distributed by the SiteAdmin online interface.